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Sinister Guitar Picks Welcome Four Skulls

Four Skulls have teamed with Sinister Guitar Picks with an endorsement deal.

SINISTER GUITAR PICKS designs and creates truly unique hand-finished METAL EDGE guitar picks and is the only guitar pick company that has metal edge guitar picks without the entire pick being made of metal through our patent pending process. Our metal edge guitar picks are all designed with a purpose, superior tone, functionality (grip, feel, attack etc.), as well as look like no other guitar picks on the market to date! Our guitar picks produce a superior tone, faster attack, and they are more durable than standard guitar picks. Don’t believe us, click on our testimonial page link and read what other guitarist have to say about their experience after using our guitar picks! Most guitarist say they will never go back to the guitar picks they have used for decades, which tells us we are doing something right. Each design we produce just gets better and better, our new BLADE SERIES was created after many hours of R&D work with some great guitarist and is probably our biggest breakthrough to date. The BLADE SERIES offers a beveled metal edge that allows the pick to glide across the strings and gives the guitarist the ability of riffling picking speed with no snag or lag.

Sinister Guitar Picks not only makes one of a kind metal edge guitar picks but we have a full line of awesome Non-Metal Guitar Picks, Rock Apparel, Guitar Pick Jewelry, and Guitar Accessories! Visit our SINISTER STORE and see for yourself, we believe that all our products are a representation of our company so we will only use the highest quality of materials for all of our products.

Sinister Guitar Picks “More Than Just A Guitar Pick Company, It’s A Lifestyle!

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