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Album review from Insane Voices Labirynth in Italy.

Thanks from our friends in Italy for the awesome review!

Here's rough translation:

The drafting has been contacted by this band for a review, as it happens on a daily basis, and from this request, discover the Four Skulls was me a pleasant surprise. Among the many bands in this music market, this group proposes a disc of good rock and of excellent workmanship.

Formed in 2012, after a militancy in different cover band, these musicians have decided to undertake an own style. The Four Skulls are a rock hard rock with seat in Kentucky and you have with their debut album "World Of Hurt".

An album of good hard rock, as I said at the beginning. A rock that brings me in the beloved States with the sound at times a little country, often melancholy, certainly of pure hard rock.

Their love for this genre, the flock in these ten songs that give good vibrations to the listener.

Between vocalizations important and well marked and the mold of music which is the backbone of this disc, make that "World Of Hurt", a considerable album if we think a debut. Not only the music as the main element is the caratterista of this work but also the texts. In fact the band touches on the theme of war, a war made of dangers, fought far from home, the change of the human psyche that is located in front of the horrors that is forced to undergo, and fight for both physical survival that psychic. From here, the consequent birth of mental paranoia and evil, in clear conflict with its purity of soul.

This album is to include in the concept album, because every single song is a chapter that follows a weft is well delineated.

The beautiful track "Mind Made For Me", where you can hear the lines of epicità in musical structure and where the entry, finds space to attend intutta his power.

"Not Dead Yet" is another song that captures the attention, between the intro of bombs launched against the enemy and the music that you gradually more aggressive in a fast pace.

"Holding On" is a song melancholy, in which the protagonist of this story, sees die the companions of battle, as the text says "My entire platoon is dead. As survived, perplexed is to put it mildly. It seems that I have been here for days hoping that reaches the end also for me. But I must continue to move. My destiny goes ahead". Trace a restless and Mesta, that gives a sense of hope for those who remained in life despite the risks of war that is facing.

Another great song is "1000 Souls", wherein a solemn music accompanies the heartbreaking thoughts of the protagonist: "arrived my time, there is no escape from the sins which I have committed. There is a war in the head, a fear in my soul, now that are twisted and out of control. Thousand souls i shouting their god. Have mercy on me, I would like to die".

A raw text for the mind and soul, if you think how many are the soldiers who survive a war that are forced to fight.

"World Of Hurt" is an album pregno of meanings, is a disc that deserves careful listening to fully understand their concept and is certainly a disk that already, at least to me, leaves have a foretaste of what will be the second job for the four skulls. The band that is not comparable to any group in circulation, a group with its own soul that presents itself in its innovative total musicality.

Bravi, superb, the Four Skulls are already in my personal list of emerging band, which will soon become a great name in the panorama heavy rock.

Valeria Campagnale 85/100

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