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Performance to benefit Guitars for Vets

ASHLAND Even though an Ashland band serendipitously got involved with a Veterans Day event, it was a perfect fit.

Four Skulls, a rock band based in Ashland, will perform Friday at the Blue Parrot at 14 Capitol St. in Charleston in a lineup that includes West Virginia band Wolves of the Calla and Delaware group Violence in Ascension.

The show will benefit Guitars for Vets, a charity that provides donated guitars and free lessons to veterans recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Four Skulls is right for the show because the groups album, “World of Hurt,” is all about war and PTSD.

“We’ve never been involved with anything like this before,” Mick Bryan, guitarist and backing vocals for Four Skulls, said. However, the band’s standard show is to perform the CD from beginning to end, a set that lasts about an hour.

Bryan said he and Johnny Compton, guitarist for Wolves of the Calla and a military veteran, share endorsements from Killer B Guitars in Tennessee, Von York string company in New Jersey and Sinister Guitar Picks in Florida.

“I contacted Johnny and said, ‘Let’s put together a show to showcase Killer B,’” he said. “We picked Nov. 11 and then realized it was Veterans Day. Johnny contacted the guitar company and they saw an opportunity to do something for the veterans.

“Killer B got in touch with Guitars for Vets and it just took off from there.”

The show starts at 8 p.m. with Violence in Ascension, followed by Four Skulls and Wolves of the Calla. Each will perform for about an hour. Prizes will be given away, including four guitars.

“We just happen to get lucky, Johnny and I, that we set it up on a certain day,” Bryan said who admits to an infatuation with World War II.

“I watch the History Channel all the time,” he said.

Other members of Four Skulls are Aaron Miller, lead vocalist; Tony Pack, drums and percussion; and Duane Crisp, bass. For more information about the band, visit

(606) 326-2661 |

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