Four Skulls break new ground with concept album

Daily Independent (Ashland, KY) May 12, 2014 Four Skulls break new ground with concept album By TIM PRESTON The Independent ASHLAND — Singer Aaron Miller says he isn’t certain that heavy metal is the proper classification for “World of Hurt,” the debut concept album from the band Four Skulls, although he admits his appreciation for the black-leather-and-no-shirt attitude of the music. “I’m not sure if it is a different identity, but I wouldn’t wear a western shirt as the singer of Four Skulls,” said Miller, who is also known to many as a country music singer with considerable ties to Nashville. Image aside, Miller said it was the raw power of the band’s conceptual songwriting for “Worl

"World Of Hurt" Review by Gregg Davidson

FOUR SKULLS Do not believe the claims of those who smugly suggest that heavy metal is dead. Like a tenacious post-apocalyptic zombie, it refuses to lie down and die. And like any genre, after the spotlight moves on and their ride on the fame train slows down, it sometimes simply splinters into countless directions and goes underground. I assure you, the persistent pulse of metal remains strongly loud and clear if you know where to listen.In its most humble form, metal marches on in suburban Middle American basements and garages in bands that struggle to vie for time in the few remaining small venues that often are forced to book multiple groups together at bargain prices for the fan, but lit

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