Flying V Leather and Four Skulls Together!

Flying V Leather is pleased to announce their newest "Endorsed Artist", Four Skulls. Flying V Leather is a great company and we are ecstatic to join their family. Matt Hotchkiss is a stand up guy and worked very carefully with Mick and Duane on what they wanted. "Flying V Leather already has quite a list of awesome musicians in their artist family" says Duane Crisp. Matt is an honest, hard working guy and makes quality products. Check out our Artist page on their site at and also check out their great product line. About Flying V Leather: In 2010, Founder, Matt Hotchkiss, developed the first true V accessory, the Flyin

Coldcock Whiskey Endorsement

Four Skulls are pleased to announce an endorsement with Coldcock Whiskey. COLDCOCK American Herbal Flavored WhiskeyStart Light Gallery Include End Light Gallery Include [if lte IE 8]><![endif][if lt IE 9]> <![endif][if gte IE 9]><!<![endif] Google Social Profiles /Google Social Profiles Net-Craft.Dev Monitoring /Net-Craft.Dev Monitoring StartFragmentCOLDCOCK is American bourbon blended with herbs including green tea, hibiscus, ginger, eucalyptus and many more. When we infused great tasting herbs in our bourbon, we never expected them to completely take away the whiskey burn, but leave the whiskey taste. So rather than adding extra sugar to make COLDCOCK smooth, we simply added great t

Sinister Guitar Picks Welcome Four Skulls

Four Skulls have teamed with Sinister Guitar Picks with an endorsement deal. SINISTER GUITAR PICKS designs and creates truly unique hand-finished METAL EDGE guitar picks and is the only guitar pick company that has metal edge guitar picks without the entire pick being made of metal through our patent pending process. Our metal edge guitar picks are all designed with a purpose, superior tone, functionality (grip, feel, attack etc.), as well as look like no other guitar picks on the market to date! Our guitar picks produce a superior tone, faster attack, and they are more durable than standard guitar picks. Don’t believe us, click on our testimonial page link and read what other guitarist ha

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